What is Yoga?

Many of us think that something’s missing in our lives. Yoga can help you find that missing. We look outside of ourselves for validation and fulfillment. We were conditioned to believe that outer achievements and material things can give us what we want and yet time and again, we learn that nothing outside of us […]

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is becoming more and more popular nowadays. In this posts I am going to talk about the Yoga Benefits. It provides both instant and lasting results, which is important in the fitness world. Yoga can change your physical and mental health quickly and at the same time, prepare your body and mind for long-lasting […]

Guide to Different Styles of Yoga. Yoga Styles

Yoga is growing more and more popular nowadays simply because it offers numerous benefits. It lowers your blood pressure, improves your bone density, and increase your muscle strength. It also helps reduce depression and anxiety, but many people think that yoga is boring and slow, and that it is only for flexible people. Well, the […]

Happiness and Yoga

When I was first introduced to yoga, I was grieving and did not know what happiness was. I have experienced emotional turmoil and I was deeply depressed. I can’t even go out of my room for weeks. I felt really down and my mood was constantly changing. So, I decided to try out yoga. At […]